“No matter how prepared you think you are, you are numb when you get the news that you have cancer.  You immediately think – how will my life change? Information is important. If I know, I can deal with what is happening to me.”

- Alvin Sanger, Cordova, MD (Colon Cancer Survivor)

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Participants at an outreach activity for ESCRN are (pictured left to right) Karen Purnell, Terri Willis, Dr. Mary De Shields, founder of ESCRN; Mattie Fountain, and Cheryle Short, RN, MSN.


The Eastern Shore Cancer Research Network (ESCRN) is a Maryland non-profit corporation providing educational programs to the residents of the Eastern Shore, Maryland about breast, colon, lung, prostate and ovarian cancer prevention, the importance of early detection and screening, and cancer treatment. 


ESCRN addresses the differences in health care outcomes for minority and underserved individuals affected by cancer.  Through education, cancer patients are linked to national, regional, and local organizations that provide aid to them and their families, as well as access to participating in cancer treatment trials. At the same time, ESCRN is promoting wellness to modify risk factors for developing cancer.